What are trends really? Well, they are colours and styles that we love. Last time I checked there is still the same number of colours in the rainbow. I think there is some-thing like Roy G. Biv or some version of it that you learned in high school. I guess what I am saying is we are not inventing any new colours just different shades and tones of the same old standbys and different ways to combine them. So who decides what’s on trend for the year? Well lots of things from the fashion runway, house wares industry, magazines and showrooms to our own interests and demands. So really, we influence what’s on trend!

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Last week I was walking through the amazing show-rooms at the World Market Center in Las Vegas. It was really a reflection of the trends we ourselves have cho-sen. The things that were the most evident were things like the use of petrified wood for accent tables and live edge dining tables were abundant. The reclaimed wood was very big in all areas of the showrooms that we visit-ed. The combination of stamped concrete and warm woods was beautiful throughout the many buildings and floors that we walked through. We noticed a lot of natu-ral fibers being used from burlap and macramé lamps (yep I said it, macramé is back, sort of) to linen duvet covers and pillows that were embellished with intricate beadwork and embroidery. The natural fiber and recy-cled floor rugs were also very evident and popular.

As far as colour goes Radiant Orchid was the colour to watch. Or was it? Though I did see it around I don’t think it was overused as some colour trends have domi-nated in the past. What I was seeing is a strong liking to the gray and linens, wheat, natural tones with an inter-jection of black and whatever colour that floats your boat. My opinion, if you want to know what is trendy maybe look back at your old photo albums of the 70’s, maybe something from the Woodstock era? Well, may-be not quite that far back.


Pop in an old Saturday Night Fever VHS tape, grab your favourite friend and en-joy the movie while you are checking out some of the decorating trends from the set; it will be a new way to enjoy this old classic.

Tune in again next time and we will start breaking down the trends in a little more detail but until then this is Shannon just “Staying Alive”!