As I sit here writing today, I am on a “snow day”… truly one of my favorite kind of days. We have had two and a half feet of snow in the last 24 hours. Highways are closed, no buses running and my kids are having a hay-day in waist high snow! I am no winter lover – I don’t ski (not well at least), I don’t ski-doo, and I definitely don’t like a cold chill up my back, HOWEVER it is an absolutely breathtaking scene.

This time of year is when having a fireplace is so great. Nothing can replace the wood burning fireplace… the feel, the smell, the heat and the crackle of the wood can’t be beat, but for many of us this is not a realistic option.  There really are so many great options available when it comes to fireplace shopping! Dimplex makes one of the nicest and most realistic fake flames I have ever seen and the heat is a beautiful one. They are also very energy efficient and can be easily moved around the room, which is great for when it comes time to hone the tree and decorate for the season!

That leads me into my take on holiday sparkle and how I like to decorate for Christmas. Most people overlook the fact that winter is a season and Christmas and New Years just happen to be the holiday that falls into that season! So when it comes to decorating for winter and Christmas, I base the majority of my decor choices on the main season; winter, which lasts from November to the end of March.

My favorite base pieces come from nature! Looking out my window I see an abundance of pine, spruce, fir and cedars laying heavy with snow, and hoarfrost laden branches and twigs. Let’s start there… grab a bunch of flocked evergreens and twigs from your favorite store and fill your pots at the front door. Cover the top of the mantle with beautiful replicas of what mother nature provides. Bunching a variety of species together makes a beautiful display. Try to focus on seasonal things that depict nature, such as pine cones and snow flakes. Owls and antlers are also really “in” this season and the combination of these things done in bark, feathers and wood make for a nice contrast to the branches and greenery.

Natural wintery wonder will make up about 80% of your decor, and now you can add in your trend choice for the year. There are so many great glittery Christmas trends out there this year. Navy and gold were the color combination I talked about in my last blog… yes, for a dash of color and class they also look amazing in your tree! Soft pink is another color that is around this Christmas… it’ll add a soft, subtle, current touch to this year’s decor. Add a couple sparkly ornaments in your color choice to the arrangement you have created on the mantle and the rest can be added to the tree. When it comes to decorating your tree, fill it!! We all admire the trees on display during the holiday season because they are completely full, and a sparse tree just looks like something is missing!

If you have favorite Santas, snowmen or nativity pieces  they will look great amongst the natural wintery scenes you have created. Once Christmas and New Years have passed, the ornaments, Santas and Christmas decorations can be taken out, leaving you with a beautiful wintery scene that can stay up until spring!

Help to create a cozier feeling by adding warm fuzzy blankets and seasonally printed pillows. Flannel looks pull a Christmasy feeling although they are more of the winter theme. Scents of the season can be found in reed diffusers, candles and room sprays. Turn on some soft Christmas music for the finishing touch… some of my family holiday faves include Boney M, Garth Brooks, the gift and Thistlehair the Christmas Bear by Alabama.

Put on your warm cozy socks, fix yourself a cup of cheer and enjoy the holiday season.
Til next time it’s
That girl Shannon saying,”Enjoy each other,
and have
a Merry Christmas!”