Oh, I love fall! In the winter I can’t wait for spring and summer but there’s something about fall. All the same things we see in the spring and summer seems to look even more beautiful. We notice all the trees and landscape almost on an individual basis. It’s like the trees, shrubbery and vines look crisp don’t you think? Isn’t it interesting all the same things that we drive and walk by, through spring and summer, we all of a sudden are noticing and it makes everything around it even more beautiful?

It is the same reason when I have a client or customer coming into to purchase some living room furniture I always steer them away from all three matching pieces and here is why. Just like spring and summer, when everything is beautiful and green nothing is really noticed for its beauty because everything is the same colour. So as soon as the leaves all start to change into vibrant tones of orange, red, burgundy and green we now notice it all individually.


So when you are putting together a tan sofa and loveseat why not add in a great teal accent chair? Then throw in some pillows that include the teal and maybe a green and a grey pattern. Now this gives us the opportunity to use all these three colours; the tan, teal, green and grey in other accents in your room.

From that you have the opportunity to sell an area rug, accent vases, lamps, etc. and create a room for your happy customer. And that’s what we all want is a happy customer because that customer will tell their friends and their family and they themselves will come back to us for their next purchase.