We are coming to the time of year when we are expecting guests for our fall holidays. So it pops into our heads that we may need some things to either spruce up or create a guest room. So, where do you start?

There are really some great options to consider. Most of us don’t have enough room in our house to dedicate just to a guest room. It usually doubles up as an office, craft room, etc. Therefore, you have to think about all the functions the room will have. Size of the room is almost always an obstacle, as most extra rooms tend to be the smallest in the home. So, we obviously have to be considerate of the scale of the pieces we introduce into the space.








Look for an apartment size sofa that folds out into a double or queen size bed. Since these rooms are only used minimally throughout the year by guests, no reason to take up the entire floor with an actual bed. Options include beautiful sofa beds, wall beds and cabinet beds, that can all help keep your space multi-purpose.

closet-deskTo make things easier to get ready when your guests arrive, consider using the inside of the closet for your files, cabinets, and/or shelves of craft supplies. It’s easy to pull the curtain or close the door when company comes and the clutter disappears. As most guests don’t stay for a long period of time, having a low bench or stool for them to lay their suitcase open on will be helpful. For guests that stay a little longer, a little chest of drawers is always nice to have too.

v140804_hr_1-classic-homemna1000-fq-suryav140408-classic-home-beddingThere are lots of other ways to help make sure your guests feel at home, such as setting out towels for them and having inviting bed linens ready (not just your old junky ones). I guess how far you go depends on how much you like your guests and how long you want them to stay! Wink wink.

So till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying “Do I put a pea under the sheets for Auntie Sarah or don’t I?” Ha ha (At least I think I’m funny!).