One of the greatest things about our country is how our seasons change. As much as we all love each sea-son for what is has to offer we all look forward to the next season coming. I was just in Florida with my fami-ly, spoke with a girl at a grocery store, she had moved there from Canada and I said “Boy it must be nice to have sunny weather all of the time”. Her comment was “Yes, at first I loved it but I do really miss the changing seasons.”

So think about that statement – CHANGE. Change is exciting and it keeps us guessing about what’s next. In my store we love change. We all have stagnant pieces of furniture, look around and say “Hmmm, why isn’t this beautiful chair selling?” It is amazing to me how when we move it to some other spot in the store that all of a sudden it gets a new breath of life.


We have lots of customers that come into the store numerous times before they purchase just to see what’s new and exciting. Even if minimal stock is really changed I think the importance of changing things up is extremely valuable. It may be something as small as moving a few chairs around and rearranging how you put the same furniture together. Or doing something more dramatic and flipping some room scenarios from one end of the store to the other.

Yes, this may seem like a lot of work but not only does it keep your customers coming in to see what’s new in the store more often, it creates enthusiasm in your staff. To get re-excited about some overlooked prod-uct. The other thing I find is that if we do an evening where we stay late and rearrange it helps us to recon-nect with each other as people instead of just day to day grind. So order in some pizzas for the night, some beverages of your choice, crank some good ol’ Sugar-land and get changing it up. Believe me you’ll see the great results you are looking for.