With the school year approaching and ending the kids summer, there are lots of mixed emotions for most of us. Some of us are excited to see our kids go back to school, some of us are not. But we can look forward to the fact that we can get in a routine again. Routine can be good (even though we may not like it). It helps us be a little more organized. For parents, routine can get us a little more uptime. Because through the summer we are running around like a chicken with our head cut off, trying to fit in so much fun for the kids.

fall fitnessOne of thing I really like about this time of year is that it kicks me back into a bit of an exercise routine. Exercise is really important for everyone. Whether you are young or old, at a good weight or overweight. We all need to consider our heart health and visceral fat content and exercise helps with the pounds as well as keeping you overall healthy. Most of us want to part take in our children’s lives and it can be hard on us when they are running around and we are struggling to keep up. A good exercise routine can help with that. Finding a routine that you like to do is important. Instead of doing one that you hate every moment of. If you really liked a sport when growing up, taking it up again again casually is a great way to exercise without it feeling like exercise. Getting your heart rate up for at least a half an hour a day is really important.

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I like to switch it up a bit and have had great results from walking routines. It might sound kind of wimpy, but walking can be harder than it looks, if you do it the right way. Take a look on the internet, there are some amazing routines. I have personally used Prevention.com 14 Walking Workouts. There are lots of options out there, and ones that you are going to like. Crank on some really good music… put in those ear buds… and go for a great walk. Fall is such a beautiful time of year to wake up at 6 am, get your groove on, go for a great walk, watch the sunrise and the leaves change colour. You don’t need to be stuck inside for a exercise routine. There are a couple months ahead that you can still take advantage of still being outside, before winter settles in.

Till next time it’s That Girl Shannon saying ” Growing old is a privilege denied to many…. do everything you can to get there.”