Last time we got together we talked about that “anything goes” look. I guess what I mean is that as long as you are happy with how your home looks who really cares about someone else’s opinion of a trend. Oops! Maybe I shouldn’t say that being as though I’m in the trend industry. But I guess what I mean is that you need to pick things for your home that you like and not what you’re supposed to like. I’m going to give you some examples as to how you can be happy with your room with some good staple “bones” pieces and use the less expensive items in a room to make it trendy. Are you understanding? Well if not here is what I mean. So, we take the good neutral staple pieces in a room, the most expensive, and we add from there. Here you will see the bone coloured sofa, the stylish but functional push back recliner in a Hershey Brown, and we then add the fun in with a kelp green swivel chair. This lets us use different tones of the teal from the spa tones to the deep palette of the colour. Using the rugs, pillows and accents will help pull it all together and give it a classy feel. breakingitdown Then we go the other scenario where red is our main accent. With a rug change, pillows and art we end up with a very different yet chic look. I have added in the whimsical third idea to show you how both coloured chair options work with the colourful horse picture and the vibrant rug. So, I guess the way I look at this is you can justify investing in some great staples pieces and create longevity and interest by using the trends to change it up. To compare it to something it is like for us ladies a great fitting pair of jeans and a flattering black top. We can dress it down with some flats and a silver chain and earrings or we can add a pair of red boots, some great red and silver jewelry and earrings and a fabulous hot red purse. Both great looks and with some simple accessory changes creates a whole other outfit. This makes us feel happy about our investment which is always a good thing. So until next time this is that girl, Shannon! Tune in, we’ll see you next time. breakingitdown2