Yup! We’re “Back in Black”. It was an amazing song (oops I think I’m dating myself a bit) and a fantastic decorator’s tool. From that little black dress that flatters your figure just right, to that pop of black in a room, you just can’t deny how powerful black is. One of the reasons black is such a favourite amongst many women for fashion is that it makes us feel sharp and svelte. Why does it do that? Well for one, it matches everything; no colour looks bad beside it. It is crisp, sharp and dominant. So, just like in fashion, you have to use it wisely or it can become too much. Then I have this conversation with my 8 year old daughter:

~ “Mom are you Goth?”
~ “What? Why would you say that?”
~ “Well, you wear a lot of black, just like the Goth people do”

Hmm.. that makes you rethink your choices a little bit doesn’t it? Too much of anything is not good. You can’t get to see the beauty of what’s around it if everything looks the same. So, let me show you an example or two of some great intros of black into a room.

One has lots of blacks and has a sexy look; one just has a small hint of black for a more elegant pop. Both look amazing and it depends on you to decide which is right for your space.

Back In Black Images

This is one of the best parts about what I do for people. Some people will look at a room that I have done for another client and criticize it and say – “this room is too cluttered and fluffy for me”. Then another client will say – “it doesn’t have enough stuff in it, it feels bare.” This is why I decorate with my client in mind. Not her girlfriend, neighbour or rude sister in law that’s jealous. Decorating is really an investigative job, I feel. I really have to learn about my client, their likes, their needs and their desires for their space. Then I create and that’s what I love. No rules in my book. Just learn what they love and make them happy! Best job in the world!

Till next time, it’s Shannon, just rockin’ it to AC/DC because guess what? We’re Back in Black!