There is usually someone on your staff with a real eye for this category that you can use. In addition, there are a number of our members who do this particularly well and we are pleased to announce that one member in particular is willing to share her expertise.

Shannon Houff, owner of Front Porch Interiors, a short drive outside Regina Saskatchewan. Featured in HGO’s summer E-Zine. Her store specializes in combining accessories with Home Furnishings to provide a complete solution for her customers.

Every square foot is full of product that enhances the complete look no matter what style category suits her customers. The store is changed weekly to keep the look fresh and interesting.

Each month Shannon will share with us the latest in accent trends and most importantly the “how to”. How to create a vignette in your store…how to co-ordinate looks and styles… how to recommend and create the complete sale…

This is a very exciting opportunity for us to see how the real world works with one of our best retailers. She has a wonderful store full of new colourful looks set in an interesting and welcoming environment.