About Shannon

shannons_porchThanks for looking us up. My name is Shannon Houff. I am the owner of Front Porch Interiors. I began this business in the Fall of 2005 when our second daughter was almost one year old. Knowing I would soon be re-entering the workforce, I was not excited about the opportunities that were presented to me. I wondered if anyone in the area might be interested in hiring me to do what I was schooled in and more importantly Passionate about!

Interior Decorating. Well, I know for a fact I got the town talking! I even had a few of the neighbor ladies say to me, with great concern, “Don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t go here dear. We just don’t need that kind of thing in this area.” So with a respectful thanks and appreciation for their concern I did what I always do.. “Went with my gut.”

Front Porch Interiors was born and I decided instead of me doing all the work, only to send my clients to the city with my suggestions for Style & Color in hand, I would bring my suggestions to them. So after a talk with a fellow exterior designer we opened “From the Inside Out”, which was to help you design your home and yes our business out grew it’s space quickly!

We then grew into our highway location and changed our name to Front Porch Interiors Furniture and Design store. Then with great support and a need for more space once again we have expanded into our new location at 407 railway ave that was built in Nov of 2010.

I am extremely grateful to my family, my husband Travis and our daughters, Julia and Clara, for being so supportive and excited about everything I throw at them. And yes ladies, “Behind every successful woman is an amazing man and family!” I guess it really does work both ways, doesn’t it?

So when you are in the market for some furniture, decor or advice please call or stop in to our store. Myself or one of my right hand ladies, whom I couldn’t do this without, will be glad to do what we can to help you.

When you make the trip, we make the difference!

Shannon Houff