kitchen creamWell what to do? Do my paperwork or go out-side on this gorgeous spring day? Decisions! Decisions! Hey! Well, I guess what it really boils down to is balance. From walking on a tightrope to manoeuvring through our lives, balance is a very important role.

kitchen esspressoIn decorating your home and rooms, it is also important for eve-rything to balance. I work with my people with in structural and main stationary decisions in their home plans. We really focus on making sure everything has a reason. For example: if we choose espresso on our cabinets, we want to make sure that some-where else in their new open concept home we repeat espresso in some way. We may do it on the built in bookcases on either side of the fire-place or we may decide that when they purchase new furniture for the living room that they put some pieces in that mimic the same weight as the espresso cabinets.

fireplace with creamWhat we are trying to do is exactly what you think of when you think of balance. Imagine a lopsided scale of oranges; to bal-ance it out you put more oranges on the lighter side to make them even, right? Same thing with decorating and designing. We have to anchor all sides to feel that sense of balance. Ever wonder why when you walk into some homes and they just feel so……..right? It is because someone has taken the time to make sure that everything has the same weight everywhere. I have attached 4 photos for you to do the matching game with and see which ones match together.

bookshelf esspressoNow do you see what I mean? Well, as I said earlier, beautiful day, got some paperwork done, think I will go pick up my kids, take them for ice cream and go home for a family horseback ride
Work done now, let’s balance that out with a little bit of fun. So till next time, it’s that girl Shannon saying “enjoy life’s moments”.