trends2015_diningWell it’s that time of the year again! When we in the interior decor world and furniture fashion minded people are preparing ourselves to be dazzled by the new colour and trends of 2015. Presented to us by our suppliers or fashion designers of the home. Wow! What will it be this time? We get to indulge our senses with all the new ideas the fashion industry wants to throw at us. Yup! I said fashion industry. If you watch closely we in the furniture and decor design world and the personal fashion industry really do compliment and collide in many ways. We are all artistic folk that have turned down a different corri-dor but still all discuss our projects in the lunchroom per se. We are all trying to influence and impress you, our followers.

trends2015_stairsWe, being the experts will then guide you to make a fantastic choice based on your wants and needs and the styles and the trends of the moment. I feel we have an extremely important job; we shape what the world will one day reflect on as our style of the time. As far as an example, we are all obsessed by the history of the Egyptians, as far as what they did, but also where they lived and how they pre-sented them-selves and the possessions they treasured. We re-create the Old West and we’re very curious to see the styles of the building they lived in as well as the costumes of the day. We all look back at our old pictures of our grandparents and parents and laugh at the multi-coloured shag rugs of the 70’s and flashy coloured bathroom sinks, toilets, etc. I feel it reflects on the era of how we live our everyday life and we associate that style with the era. So you see the way I look at it is that we are a big part of our own history here in the furniture fashion industry. When I choose a new trends I will share with my customers, I am always excited to know that some of my projects and choices for my customers will one day become the subject of a good giggle in a couple of generations to come.



trends2015_bedroomMy predictions for colour this year are olives and dusty plums that are solid and not trans-lucent, not vibrant and back to that good ol’ classic navy with true denims, combine any of these choices with a warm gray as an accent colour and a very rich, rich cream and you are golden. Oops did I say golden? Well I mean gold is it darling, this is the accent metal of the time. From a high gloss to a more champagne tone, nothing says rich like gold.

So here’s to 2015 and all she has to offer! Till next time, it’s that girl Shannon saying “Bring it on 2015”