rose_gold_monroe_mirrored_furniture_from_indigo4So we are back fresh and full of new ideas from the 2015 World Furniture Market. Once again my feet are swollen and worn out but it is all worth it. Rosegold!!! This new and classy trend intro will warm up any home. The warm feel it gives off is beautiful and unique. And take a look around in the jewellery fashion industry it is everywhere!!


7492f24a67de56c98397974b877544baThe textures were also something I loved. So many different ways to play up the tweed and linens in the greys and creams but also taking the same textures into vibrant colors, Hot Hot Hot. The live edge look is also very popular. We have seen it in the dining tables and have loved it so much that now they are using that look in mnay other places. We are seeing it in Headboards, side tables etc.


As far as the color trends I have to say…as I said before the dominance of the true blues was tremendous. From accessories to great shag rugs and art. I am and always have been a blue girl so I was in my glory. The Plums and olives were also new intros and I feel will get stronger as the year goes on.7ab482019b1163d5c6989ac065110e0f

In conclusion the show was fantastic didn’t disappoint!!!