The celebrations and festivities with friends and family have come to an end, and it is back to the norm for most of us. So that means it is time to de-sparkle our homes. It feels good to clean up and put away all the decor that has been part of our homes for a couple of months. But taking down the holiday decor really does leave your room feeling empty and a bit blah too.

After the big holiday push your pocket book may be feeling a bit empty, so just a few quick add-ins may help to take away the post sparkle blahs. Take some of the Christmas money that your Grandma has given you and actually spend it on something you can show her when she comes for her next visit!

Let’s take the Navy and Gold from one of my previous blogs. If you added in gold and navy to your decor, taking out the distinct Christmas gold is one thing, now removing the gold pillows and some accessories will make for a clean palette and you will be ready for you to start over.

Rose quartz, being the colour of the year, looks fantastic with navy blue and gold. Add some pillows, a pouf and rug in your trendy colour of choice.

Now if you took my suggestion from my Snow Day blog and bought yourself some seasonal sprigs and frosted branches, keep those displayed because we are still in the winter season!

Click on the picture above to download and view the Time Lapse video

Check out the time lapse video showing how we created the same space with Christmas decor and then freshened up for the new year.

What we did in this scenario was to change out the pillows to a fuzzy textured pink that is also reflected in the pouf. Add in the deep blue vases, the taller grey and gold accessories and a cream throw. Finished it off by bringing in a little weathered wood and a big old horn! Weird, I know, but it looks great. It really can be that simple!

Now, don’t forget to enjoy the warmth of that beautiful fireplace all season long. Curl up with your honey and a nice glass of port and enjoy the rest of the winter season.
Till next time it’s that Girl Shannon saying “Cheers to 2017!”